Cake Plate Cake

MacKenzie Childs Inspired Cake

This is a cake made to look like a MacKenzie-Childs cake plate.  My friend asked me to replicate a special cake plate that her mother-in-law once owned that had recently broken. She absolutely loved this cake plate and was sad when it broke; especially since the company no longer makes this design.

Hand Painted FlowersThe flowers are all painted by hand.  I used gel food colors for my paint.  Since the gel colors are very thick, I used some vodka to thin them out until I had a nice watercolor consistency.  I hand painted the checkerboard pattern on the cake board too.

MacKenzie Childs Cake Plate Cake

Here is the other side of the cake plate.  This was my first time painting a cake and I really enjoyed it!  It brought me back to art class in high school.  I loved that class, it was definitely my favorite subject in school.

Hand Painted Cake Plate

I carved ridges at the top of the cake to replicate the ridges in the top of the cake plate.  It was a little hard to paint but that little detail really brings the cake plate to life.

Top View of MacKenzie Childs Inspired Cake

Here is the top view of the cake.  I painted those loop details with gold airbrush color and topped it off with a knob made of chocolate brown fondant.  I love how this cake turned out!  I still can’t believe that I actually made it!

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  1. I’m a huge fan of MacKenzie Childs – I have a few of their pieces. This really looks authentic!

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