Art Themed Birthday Cake

Tapered Layers Art Themed Cake

I was asked to make an art themed birthday cake to celebrate the 60th birthday of a special lady.  The birthday girls daughter contacted me about making the cake.  At first she just asked me to do whatever I wanted, but then after I ran one of my ideas by her, she got all these other ideas in her head.  After a while, she had sent me so many ideas, we were both so confused and overwhelmed.  So I told her to relax, I will figure something out and this is the cake I came up with.

Art Themed Cake

The cake layers have a tapered look.  This was such an easy technique, but it gives the cake a really modern look.  For the bottom tier, I baked and filled a 9 inch cake.  After chilling the cake, I placed and 8 inch cardboard cake board on top and carved the cake at an angle.  Then I flipped it over and decorated as usual.  I did the same thing with the top tier except I used a 6 inch cake carved at an angle down to a 5 inch.

Tapered LayersThis is my new favorite cake shape!  It’s much easier than topsy turvy and just as cute!  Happy Birthday Clarisse, from one artist to another!

7 thoughts on “Art Themed Birthday Cake

  1. I love this design! I think another great idea would be to put actual art on a cake. Like a shark attack, or a drawing of a beautiful girl…..just saying.

  2. melissa, I swoon over every creation of yours! i love this one especially, the artist palette, the colors, and texture. so amazingly talented! I don’t think I’d be able to watch someone knife into it, at least you have a picture to keep!

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