Stencil Wedding Cake

When my sister-in-law got engaged, she asked me to make her wedding cake.  I asked her what she wanted it to look like and she didn’t care.  “Whatever you want to do, I trust you”, was her response.  At first I thought to myself-this is great, I can do whatever I want!  Then I realized that this is much harder than it seems.  I had no direction, no inspiration, no guidelines…the sky was the limit.  I had too many options and my mind went in million different directions.  Then I remembered seeing some cakes that were decorated using stencils and I decided that I had to try the technique.  I love the results!

Stencil Wedding CakeEach tier is decorated differently but work beautifully together.  Here is a better look at the bottom tier.

Scroll StencilI wanted the top tier to stand out a little more than the rest of the cake so I added some little white flowers.  Each flower was adorned with a pretty and edible sugar pearl.

top tierNow for my favorite part, the cake cutting ceremony!  The bride and groom loved their cake.  They especially loved how delicious it tasted.

cake cutting ceremony

Congratulations to my sister-in-law, Shifra and new brother-in-law, Uri!  Welcome to the family!  Here I am with Charlie all dressed up for the wedding.

Charlie and meLook how cute he looked in his tiny tuxedo!  He had a great time.

Charlie after the weddingTime for bed!

4 thoughts on “Stencil Wedding Cake

  1. I like your cake. What is the center piece that’s not cake? It’s some sort of divider.

  2. How come u didn’t make my wedding cake it’s ok I still love you and little Charlie even more I miss him

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