Red Monogram Cookies

Red Monogram Cookies

I love these cookies and I’m so glad I was asked to make them again.  This time the party decor was red and black and the cookies were made to match.

Heart Monogram CookiesI just love looking at them!  I used black fondant for the flowers and topped them off with an edible pearl in each center.

Heart Shaped Monogram CookiesEverything about these cookies is so romantic.  From the heart shape to the deep red and striking black colors down to the glitzy sugar pearls.  I love it!  Congratulations Lisa and David.

6 thoughts on “Red Monogram Cookies

    1. I have script alphabet cookie stencils that I bought from designer stencils. I placed the stencil on top of the cookie, dipped a paintbrush in black gel food color, dabbed it on a paper towel so there wasn’t too much on the brush, and then dabbed in onto the cookie until the whole letter was filled in. Then repeat for the other letter!

  1. Love the design. How do you make red royal icing have not bitterness? I have tried Wilton no taste but the color not right.

    1. Thanks! I use americolor super red and I don’t notice any taste but I’ve heard that Americolor tulip red is the best for no taste.

    1. I used some beautiful letter stencils I have and painted some black gel color onto the cookies using a paintbrush. I did one letter, let it dry, then applied the second letter. Hope that helps!

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