Need a Manicure?

This cake was made for a made for a manicurist on her birthday.

manicure cakeThe roses are made out of lavender gumpaste.  All the other accessories are made out of fondant. (Update! I was recently asked how I made the foam toe separators and it has been about 4 years since I made this cake and I had no idea. These days, I’m making custom cutters, so I designed a cutter that will make this shape for you, easy peasy! Purchase it here-in my shop.)

top tier of manicure cake

The emery boards or nail files are made of pink fondant.  After I shaped them, I brushed them with clear piping gel and dipped them in granulated sugar.  I let them dry overnight. Once they were dry, they felt so real!

rainbow zebra tier

I absolutely love the way the bottom tier of this cake turned out.  It looks like a rainbow colored zebra!  I covered the cake in white fondant and then airbrushed it rainbow colors. Before applying the zebra print, the cake was really bright and scary.  I was nervous that it would not look sophisticated enough.  Once I started striping the cake I knew it would look okay.  The black really toned down the brightness and it came out better than expected!

cake for manicurist

Happy Birthday Zina!

P.S.  I think I’ll go get a manicure now.  My all time favorite color is Essie’s “Sugar Daddy”. What’s your favorite color?

2 thoughts on “Need a Manicure?

  1. Love it. Awesome rainbow effect… I don’t have an airbrush anymore…. Need to find some other solution 😉 thanks for the inspiration..

    love from the Netherlands

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