Minivan Cake

This cake was a lot of fun to make.  I was extremely nervous when making this cake because it needed to look like a minivan!  One little mistake can throw the whole look off. It’s hard to replicate a car in cake and this was my first minivan cake!  I think it came out pretty darn cute.

Willy's Minivan Cake

I like that the van is raised up a bit so it looks like it is really held up by the tires.

Rear of Minivan CakeHere is the rear view of the minivan cake complete with a windshield wiper.  The licence plate reads “happy birthday” for a very special husband, father and grandfather.  Willy loves his charity work and uses his broken down minivan to do it.  The family thought it would be great to replicate his charity-mobile in cake for his birthday.  He loved it!

Minivan CakeI covered the cake in 2 layers of fondant.  Then I airbrushed the cake a pearl blue to match the actual minivan.  After the car was dry to the touch, I cut out the windows and windshield.  Then I painted the windshield and front windows with silver color and the rear windows in black to match the tint.  I made a “Chevy” logo out of fondant and painted it gold.  Nice touch!

Bagels and CookiesI made little boxes filled with bagels and cookies because the van is always filled with food being delivered for charity.

Chocolate Chip Cookies and OrangesHere are some chocolate chip cookies and some oranges all made out of fondant.
Keep up the good work Willy; Happy Birthday!

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