Lollipop Cookie Pops

Lollipop Cookie PopsThese are sugar cookies baked on lollipop sticks and decorated with twisted and twirled fondant.  Super cute!  This was my first time making them so each one came out a bit differently.  I was experimenting to find the best method.  I can’t wait to make these again!

Crystal Sugar Cookie PopsThese are reminiscent of a classic lollipop, but in cookie form.  I baked round sugar cookies on lollipop sticks.  Then I iced them in royal icing.  The white lollipops were iced in white royal icing and immediately covered in clear crystal sugar.  The silver pops were also iced with white royal icing, but they were sprinkled with silver sugar.  The purple pops were iced with royal icing I tinted purple and sprinkled with clear crystal sugar.  I love how glittery these look!  Both of these cookies are great for any party because they can be made in any size and color.  These cookies also make a great gift!  I would wrap each cookie in a treat bag and tie it with a cute bow.  Arrange them in a cute basket or flower pot and you will look like a pro!