Green Baby Sneaker Cake

This cake was made for a couple originally from New York who currently live in London, England.  They came into New York for a quick visit to family and friends.  And, they are expecting their first child!  This cake was made for their family barbecue.

pink cake with green baby sneakers

They haven’t found out if they are having a boy or a girl but I just felt that the cake needed to be pink.  Maybe I have some intuition?  Only time will tell; or a sonogram I suppose!  I accented the cake with pink, blue and white flowers that I made out of gum paste.

gum paste flowersThe bands that border the bottom of each tier are made out of black fondant.  I used a mold to get this floral pattern.

green fondant bowPretty green fondant bows bring a pop of color to the cake.  The bows also match my favorite feature of this cake.

green baby sneakersGum paste baby sneakers!  I chose a pastel green color for these adorable sneakers for two reasons:  it is the expectant mom’s favorite color and gender neutral.  I mentioned that this couple is having a baby, hence the baby sneakers, but where is the touch of London?

union jackThere it is!  I drew this representation of the Union Jack onto small gum paste circles using food coloring markers.  This is just a little reminder of the lucky couple’s home away from home.

4 thoughts on “Green Baby Sneaker Cake

  1. It’s cute, especially with the sneakers. Can you direct me the template used for these? Thank you very much.

  2. This cake was made for our daughter Sophie Lynne. I guess you did have a bit of intuition. The cake was fantastic, and the sneakers were a great touch.

    Thanks Melissa!

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