Thanksgiving Birthday Party

Pilgrim Elmo Birthday Cake


This holiday season is pretty special.  With Thanksgiving and Chanukah falling on the same day, there are a lot of joint holiday parties.  Henry’s second birthday is being celebrated on Thanksgiving, so his mom really wanted his birthday cake and other desserts to match the holiday decor.  She asked me to make a really cute Elmo cake with a twist.  Elmo is a pilgrim!

Pilgrim Elmo Cookies

Here are the matching sugar cookies.  Elmo has never looked more festive!  The other cookies I was asked to make fit perfectly into the fall themed holiday as well.  These fall leaf cookies came out even better than I expected!

Fall Themed Leaf Cookies

Happy second birthday Henry, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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  • Sina

    Beautiful Melissa! You are so talented. Each cake has such clean edges. AmaIng work

  • Alison @ Alibabka

    Adorable. The colors on the leaves are really cool!

  • Ronnie Fein

    Just adorable!

  • Hindy Garfinkel

    Such an adorable cake!

  • Tamar Genger

    So fun, love this cake.

  • Sarah Klinkowitz

    Love Elmo in a pligrim hat!